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See Fourum for details.

Posted - 11/03/2005 :  02:44:12  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
The Rules

The first line of a haiku poem has five syllables.
The second line of a haiku poem has seven syllables.
The third, and final, line of a haiku poem has five syllables.

The Movie Haiku Contest (MHC) is open to every member of the FWFR site.

To enter, all you have to do is think of a Haiku for the current movie, then post into the current thread. Simple as that. Also, haikus may be risque, but nothing explicit please.

Only one entry per person as per The Blevins Rule. However, you are allowed to edit your existing entry until 9pm Tuesday FWFR time. *


If you have entered the MHC, then you have to vote. If you do not vote, you'll lose 3 points from your total. This could mean the difference between the adoration and envy of your fellow Fwiffers or being the feckless butt of our jokes!

You do not have to enter an MHC to vote. Vote away. It'll be like a lurker vote!


For each round, you get to vote for your three favourite MHC. The voting is as follows:

3 pts Stalean
2 pts Conan
1 pt Benj (Gotta get a jab in here at Benj on account he confessed that haikus aren't his thing. Stay tuned for "movie limericks.")


1) AC
2) GHcool
3) thefoxboy

As I will not know if AC gets 1 vote or AC is your favourite for 3 votes.


You cannot vote for yourself.
You can vote for the previous winner

You vote by sending the currently designated Haiku Meister your votes in a PM (Private Message).

You may vote only once.

When the voting deadline ends (9pm Wednesday FWFR time), the votes are tallied and the top three places are announced.

*After winners are announced, the floor is open for posting of alternate Movie Haikus under that topic heading.

The winner then gets to make an acceptance speech, and choose the movie for the next MHC contest. The winner will post the new movie as a new topic under Movie Haikus in this format:

Movie Haiku Contest: Movie Title

(Acknowledgement: FWTO after which these rules are modeled.)

Note for academic purists: I acknowedge that what we're doing here is not Haiku in its purest form.

Check FWFR time (assuming the server is in England?).

Thanks to Benj for giving Movie Haiku Contest its own folder under Games!

Edited by - duh on 31/01/2006 17:15:53

"Charlie Don't Serf!"

United States

Posted - 11/03/2005 :  21:50:02  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Note: I used to post the champs and should resume this along with links, but now we're far past the threshold where I got lazy. Still, some day...

Meantime, check out the Movie Haiku topic to get in on it.

Haiku Movies To Date

Movie Haiku #218 - pending
Movie Haiku #217 - Inception
Movie Haiku #216 - Across the Universe
Movie Haiku #215 - Anchorman
Movie Haiku #214 - Amadeus
Movie Haiku #213 - The Full Monty
Movie Haiku #212 - Life of Brian
Movie Haiku #211 - Wag the Dog
Movie Haiku #210 - No Way Out
Movie Haiku #209 - House of Sand and Fog
Movie Haiku #208 - The Hangover
Movie Haiku #207 - March of the Penguins
Movie Haiku #206 - A Scanner Darkly
Movie Haiku #205 - Sweeney Todd (2007)
Movie Haiku #204 - Guess Who's Coming To Dinner
Movie Haiku #203 - Metropolis (1927)
Movie Haiku #202 - Father of the Bride (1950)
Movie Haiku #201 - otnemeM (Memento)
Movie Haiku #200 - Mississippi Burning
Movie Haiku #199 - Up
Movie Haiku #198 - Carrie
Movie Haiku #197 - Chariots of Fire
Movie Haiku #196 - All the President's Men
Movie Haiku #195 - The Hurt Locker
Movie Haiku #194 - A Few Good Men
Movie Haiku #193 - Cool Hand Luke
Movie Haiku #192 - Independence Day
Movie Haiku #191 - Das Boot
Movie Haiku #190 - Oliver Twist - Polanski Edition
Movie Haiku #189 - Kramer vs. Kramer (Beanmimo)
Movie Haiku #188 - Avatar (Sludge)
Movie Haiku #187 - 300 (Bife)
Movie Haiku #186 - First Blood (Bife)
Movie Haiku #185 - Die Hard (MguyX)
Movie Haiku #184 - Seabiscuit (Sludge)
Movie Haiku #183 - Do The Right Thing (Clay)
Movie Haiku #182 - Bringing Up Baby (Sludge)
Movie Haiku #181 - Hoop Dreams (BaftaBabe)
Movie Haiku #180 - The Elephant Man (Clay)
Movie Haiku #179 - From Here To Eternity (BaftaBabe)
Movie Haiku #178 - The Blues Brothers (BaftaBabe)
Movie Haiku #177 - Slumdog Millionaire (MguyX)
Movie Haiku #176 - My Fair Lady (MguyX)
Movie Haiku #175 - Oliver! (Whippersnapper)
Movie Haiku #174 - A Christmas Story (Sludge)
Movie Haiku #173 - Inglourious Basterds (Montgomery)
Movie Haiku #172 - American History X (MguyX)
Movie Haiku #171 - Mars Attacks! (Sludge)
Movie Haiku #170 - Matewan (BaftaBabe)
Movie Haiku #169 - They Live (Sludge)
Movie Haiku #168 - Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? (Sludge)
Movie Haiku #167 - To Kill A Mockingbird (Montgomery)
Movie Haiku #166 - Ghost (Sludge)
Movie Haiku #165 - WALL-E
Movie Haiku #164 - Lawrence of Arabia
Movie Haiku #163 - Wait Until Dark
Movie Haiku #162 - Midnight Cowboy
Movie Haiku #161 - Get Carter (1971)
Movie Haiku #160 - White Heat
Movie Haiku #159 - Repo Man
Movie Haiku #158 - Back To The Future
Movie Haiku #157 - Witches of Eastwick
Movie Haiku #156 - M*A*S*H
Movie Haiku #155 - The Terminator
Movie Haiku #154 - All About Eve
Movie Haiku #153 - The 39 Steps
Movie Haiku #152 - North by Northwest
Movie Haiku #151 - Papillon
Movie Haiku #150 - The Ten Commandments
Movie Haiku #149 - Annie Hall
Movie Haiku #148 - The Great White Hope
Movie Haiku #147 - Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid
Movie Haiku #146 - The Exorcist (1973)
Movie Haiku #145 - Logan's Run
Movie Haiku #144 - Planet of the Apes
Movie Haiku #143 - The Graduate
Movie Haiku #142 - The Ring
Movie Haiku #141 - Rain Man
Movie Haiku #140 - Pulp Fiction
Movie Haiku #139 - Bonnie & Clyde
Movie Haiku #138 - Tropic Thunder
Movie Haiku #137 - National Velvet
Movie Haiku #136 - The Sting
Movie Haiku #135 - Moonstruck
Movie Haiku #134 - Aliens
Movie Haiku #133 - Hannibal
Movie Haiku #132 - Galaxy Quest
Movie Haiku #131 - Beetlejuice
Movie Haiku #130 - 28 Days Later
Movie Haiku #129 - Primary Colors
Movie Haiku #128 - Duck Soup
Movie Haiku #127 - She Done Him Wrong
Movie Haiku #126 - Monster
Movie Haiku #125 - Training Day
Movie Haiku #124 - Goodfellas
Movie Haiku #123 - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
Movie Haiku #122 - The Bicycle Thief
Movie Haiku #121 - The Day The Earth Stood Still
Movie Haiku #120 - The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Movie Haiku #119 - Unforgiven
Movie Haiku #118 - Heathers
Movie Haiku #117 - The Karate Kid
Movie Haiku #116 - Ed Wood
Movie Haiku #115 - Mean Streets
Movie Haiku #114 - Ratatouille
Movie Haiku #113 - Hot Fuzz
Movie Haiku #112 - Easy Rider
Movie Haiku #111 - High Noon
Movie Haiku #110 - The Searchers
Movie Haiku #109 - ¡Three Amigos!
Movie Haiku #108 - Dirty Harry
Movie Haiku #107 - Psycho.
Movie Haiku #106 Arsenic and Old Lace
Movie Haiku #105 There Will be Blood
Haiku Contest #104 - Leon
Haiku Contest #103 -- Tootsie
Haiku Contest #102 - Mr Smith Goes To Washington
Haiku #101 Little Miss Sunshine
Movie Haiku Contest #100 - No Country For Old Men
Movie Haiku Contest #99 The Stepford Wives
Movie Haiku Contest #98 - Philadelphia Story
Movie Haiku Contest #97 Monster's Ball
Movie Haiku Contest 96: Catwoman
Movie Haiku Contest #95: Twelve Monkeys
Haiku Contest #94 - Groundhog Day
Haiku Contest # 93- Brazil
Haiku Contest #92: Gojira (Godzilla)
Haiku Contest #91 - Shichinin no samurai AKA Seven Samurai
Haiku # 90 The Birds
Haiku Contest #89 Casino Royale
Haiku Contest #88: 12 Angry Men
Haiku Contest #87: Planes, Trains & Automobiles
Haiku Contest #86: Miracle On 34th Street
Haiku Contest #85: The Deer Hunter
84. E.T. The Extra Terrestrial
83. Witness
82. Silence of the Lambs
81. Shaun of the Dead
80. Thelma and Louise
79. Frankenstein
78. Rosemary's Baby
77. Singin' in the Rain
76. Lord of the Flies
75. 2001: A Space Odyssey
74. The Wizard of Oz
73. Chinatown
72. Talladega Nights, Ballad of Ricky Bobby
71. Raging Bull
70. The Shop Around the Corner
69. Schindler's List
68. In the Heat of the Night
67. Some Like it Hot
66. Taxi Driver
65. Finding Nemo
64. Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
63. Sunset Blvd.
62. A Clockwork Orange
61. Raiders of the Lost Ark
60. Rocky
59. The Great Escape
58. Southern Comfort
58. Citizen Kane
57. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
56. Alien
55. Jaws
54. Toy Story 2
53. Toy Story
52. Brokeback Mountain
51. Being John Malkovich
Haiku #50 - Reservoir Dogs

Haiku #49 - It's A Wonderful Life

Haiku #48 - On The Waterfront

Haiku #47 - Saving Private Ryan

Haiku #46 - West Side Story

Haiku #45 - Rear Window

Haiku #44 - Clerks

Haiku #43 - Dr. Strangelove

Haiku #42 - The Sixth Sense

Haiku #41 - Supersize Me

Haiku #40 - Pee Wee's Big Adventure

Haiku #39 - Fargo

Haiku #38: Fight Club

11 points:
Sludge (3 3 2 2 1)

Marla, Ed's brain, and
the skyline haven't been banged
like this since grade school

2nd Montgomery
Norton beats up Pitt.
But Pitt is really Norton.
What's it mean? Beats me.

3rd Morkeleb
Things blown in Fight Club:
Ed's flat, financial records,
Audience's mind.

Haiku #37(b): The Truman Show

15 points:
Bife (3 3 3 3 2 1)

Everywhere you look
Carrey's always on the screen,
I blame Hollywood

2nd Chris C
Truman's life on view.
He escapes. All the world watch...
and then change channel.

3rd Duh
Product placement ads
disrupt establishment of
truthful connections.

Haiku #37: Pitch B(lack of participation)

Haiku #36: Monty Python and the Holy Grail

9 points:
Zeike (3 3 2 1)

Whilst searching for grail,
Avoid the white rabbit, And
rise above mom jokes!

2nd Paddy C
Camelot's silliness skipped.
Swallows hold the key.

3rd TIE:
Chocolate Lady
Coconuts carried
by swallows! African or
European ones?

King Art’s idle quest.
Rabbits, pythons, frogs. Oh my!
Holy Grail! Spammed. Arrrghhh!

Haiku #35: Speed

17 points:
Paddy C (3 3 3 3 3 2)

Neo takes pop quiz
and escapes exploding bus.
(Also pulls Bullock)

2nd Shoon
Bus will soon blow up
Wooden agent intervenes
He Keanu act

3rd Cheese_Ed
Thumb-less Payne's bus hitch:
Valley cop won't let bus "Whoa!"
That dude's so bus-Ted.

Haiku #34: Edward Scissorhands

12 points:
zeike (3,3,2,1,1)

Strange,leather-clad, freak
comes to town, snips bush all week
snow falls, end looks bleak

2nd TIE Paddy C + Heather

Haiku #33:

Jurassic Park

12 points:
Cheese_Ed (3,3,2,2,1,1)

Rex tails/savors Jeep,
Bipedal to the metal,

2nd Sludge
3rd TIE Paddy C + duh + StaLean + zeike

Haiku #32: Forrest Gump

11 points:
Cheese_Ed (3,3,3,1,1)

Forrest home aids ill
Robin who falls but joins roots
leaves fresh heir above.

2nd TIE duh + StaLean

Haiku #31: Ferris Bueller's Day Off

8 points:
Cheese_Ed (3,3,2)

Jeff's jonesing stray boy,
Cracks back door, gets kicks, head swells,
Most unprincipal-Ed.

2nd Montgomery/Emily
3rd Duh

Haiku #30: Casablanca

10 points:
Sludge (3,3,3,1)

Rick's Place welcomes all:
Nazis, gamblers, rebels, thieves --
A hill of beings

2nd Heather
3rd TIE Conan & Bife

Haiku #29: Raising Arizona

12 points:
Sludge (3,3,2,3,1)

Four child film review:
We had another sibling!
Suspects pled the fifth.

2nd MontgEmily
3rd StaLean

Haiku #28: Chicago

10 points EACH:
Montily (3,3,3,1)

Gere singing, dancing.
He may have had it comin'.
Audience did not.

Conan (3,2,2,2,1)
Murderous flappers
Prison broads in lingerie
Roxie has no heart.

3rd Sludge

Haiku #27: Better Off Dead

13 points:

Suicidal Lane
Is saved by language lessons.
Enjoys the French tongue.

2nd Cheese_Ed
3rd StaLean

Haiku #26: [font=Script MT Bold]Gone with the Wind[/font=Script MT


11 points:

Self-obsessed trollop
Like Atlanta, Scarlett burns
Wants what she can't have

2nd Cheese_Ed
3rd Duh

Haiku #25:

Sixteen Candles

11 votes:

Face flushed, embarrassed
"Pretty in Pink"'s other hu(gh)es
Thanks, Geek! Thanks, Granny!

2nd Cheese_Ed
3rd Duh

Haiku #24: The Shining

14 votes:

Snowed inn, old spirits
Tempt dry writer, fuel hack job.
Jack on ice. Chilling.

2nd Sludge
3rd Rockgolf

Haiku #23: Crash

6 points:

Haggis’s black, white
Yellow, brown in seething mash.
VoiLA -- Ram’s stomach.

-- TIE for 2ND with 5 points each --

2nd Shoon
2nd Sludge

3rd Duh

Haiku #22: Fallen

10 votes:

Narrator's tale told
from "the middle," false tracks laid.
Not Hobbes. Azazel!

2nd Sludge
3rd Conan

Haiku #21: American Beauty

12 votes:

In midlife crisis
Lester longs for love, romance
but not with neighbor
@}-,-`- @}-,-`- @}-,-`-

-- 2-WAY TIE FOR 2ND --
8 votes each:
2nd Cheese_Ed
2nd Sludge

3rd StaLean

Haiku #20: Animal House

16 votes:

Flounder, rushing, downs
Sudsy river, joins Delta:
Where lush, wild, Land-is.

2nd Noncentz
3rd Markandlain

Haiku #19: The Godfather Part II

-- 2-WAY TIE FOR 1ST --
16 votes each
Emily Desmond

De Niro's young Don.
Frail and sickly was one son.
Goodbye kiss. Go fish.

Hates us, Fredo does
Not true! Fredo is our bro!
We must kill Fredo

2nd StaLean
3rd Conan

Haiku #18: King Kong (1933)

15 votes:

Fay Wray Film Review:
Kong has a bird in the hand
but longs for the bush

2nd Foxboy
-- 2-WAY TIE FOR 3RD --

3rd Bife

Haiku #17: Finding Neverland

15 Votes: 33333

Titled: J.M.’s (or M.J.’s) Neverland
Rich design all staged
To ease innocence-lost boys
And lift wee Peter.

2nd StaLean
3rd Sludge

Haiku #16: The Godfather (Pt. 1)

Don't mess with the Don
Unless you enjoy sleeping
With a right old nag

Horse's head in bed
These offers can't be refused.
Marlon's cheeks are huge.

2nd duh
3rd Stalean

Haiku #15: The Big Lebowski

Rug’s a litter box
Nihilists’ vant ze money
Dude just wants to bowl

2nd Sludge

Mampers <-- 1st haiku entry

Movie Haiku #14: Scarface (1983)

Emily Desmond
Snow in Florida.
Tony introduces friend.
Pfeiffer sniffs throughout.

-- 3-WAY TIE FOR 2ND --

Movie Haiku #13: The Shawshank Redemption

Andy ain't evil
Just a banker with dead wife
who settles accounts

2nd Cheese_Ed
3rd Conan

Movie Haiku #12: Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Wyld Stallyns

Herd, you found Genghis
Khan’s rein and pasture final --
Future’s stable. Whoa.

2nd Evil Andy
3rd MarkandLain

Movie Haiku #11: This Is Spinal Tap

Airport alarms ring
Cucumber is inspected
Groupies' hopes foiled

2nd Turrell71
-- TIE --
3rd Rocat
3rd Cheese_Ed

Movie Haiku #10: Blade Runner (either ver.)

Deckard's programmed dream
in wind-blown origami
I Olmos caught it

2nd Bennyr61
3rd Rocat

Movie Haiku #9: Bambi Meets Godzilla

One step for 'Zilla;
One giant stomp for a deer.
Bambi joins mother.

2nd Rocat
3rd Bife

Movie Haiku #8: The Matrix
-- TIE --
Take this little pill.
Wake-up to the world's true state.
Kick-ass with Ones, Oh's.

Dog Star dude unplugs.
The real world’s a toilet. Flush.
...Holy ship! Plucked up.

-- TIE --
2nd Shoon
2nd Lekolight

3rd Sbudgie

Movie Haiku #7: Dead Poets Society

Seize the day, young men,
Rebel against the system ...
By reading poems!

2nd lekolite
3rd Markandlain

Movie Haiku #6: The Princess Bride

I do not think this word means
what you think it means.

2nd duh
3rd Sludge

Movie Haiku #5: Star Wars

-- TIE --
Storm troopers beware:
There is a new Jedi knight
Resourceful, Force-ful

Luke: Pilot, virgin,
pursued by heavy breather...
with force, shoots in hole.

3rd Sbudgie

Movie Haiku #4: Titanic

Budding artist Jack
Sketches lovely nipped Rose then
Puts her in water.

2nd Stalean
3rd Shoon

Movie Haiku #3: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Lobotomy stills
Hyperactive McMurphy
Chief finishes job.

2nd Cheese
3rd Lekolight

Movie Haiku #2: Lord of the Rings

-- TIE --
Shoon (Tied for 1st at

Fellowship of Ring
Next was The Two Towers, then
Return of the King

Sludge (Tied for 1st at 3,3,2,2)
Hates us, Frodo does
Not true! Frodo is our friend!
We must kill Frodo

2nd Bife*
-- TIE --
3rd Markandlain
3rd Wheelz

* voting rules put Bife in 2nd at 6 votes. MarkandLain's and Wheelz's

votes weren't received on time, so their 8 votes apiece were counted as 5


Movie Haiku #1: Apocalypse Now

Colonel's morning faves:
Fresh napalm wafts on the breeze
Flying to Wagner

2nd AC
3rd Lekolight

Note: Rankings & honorable mentions with tie games above are not presented

in a consistent way. I'm in the process of cleaning this up.

Edited by - Sludge on 18/08/2010 22:42:10
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"Charlie Don't Serf!"

United States

Posted - 11/03/2005 :  21:52:29  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Totals (I think)

Blue Ribbons
Paddy C
Emily Desmond/Montgomery

Red Ribbons
Chris C
Evil Andy
Paddy C
Emily DesMont (Montgomery)

Green Ribbons
Chocolate Lady
Paddy C

Edited by - Sludge on 17/07/2006 02:18:58
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"Five(ish?) years as a fwiffer"

Sheffield, Yorkshire, England

Posted - 07/04/2005 :  15:55:55  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Ahem, I feel I should be 1st and a half for the LOTR Haiku, as I was on the same points as Sludge.

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"Five(ish?) years as a fwiffer"

Sheffield, Yorkshire, England

Posted - 07/04/2005 :  17:18:24  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Much appreciated!

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"The Provolone Ranger"


Posted - 14/04/2005 :  18:27:05  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
This is not a criticism!

I was curious to read more about haiku since I knew about their syllable structure and the nature references but not much else and found this:

This list of "rules" for haiku is interesting. I'm sure many folks would consider what we are writing to not be haikus at all since we seem to adhere to nothing but the syllable structure (although even that isn't necessarily required). I'm happy for our only RULE to be the sylable structure, but I think it'll be interesting to try and keep some of these others in mind as I write.


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"Charlie Don't Serf!"

United States

Posted - 25/04/2005 :  13:17:45  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Cheese, I've definitely noticed yours are more disciplined (with the) and it does make for more poetic reading... I hope you'll keep it up. You'll have a collection worth hanging onto.
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""Welcome to Fantasy Island!""

Memphis, Tennessee

Posted - 31/08/2006 :  05:11:02  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
That's because cheese is a genius.
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"Charlie Don't Serf!"

United States

Posted - 02/02/2008 :  16:01:16  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by Sludge

Note: Totals measured in smilies below this message.

check out the Movie Haiku topic to get in on it.

Note: Rankings & honorable mentions with tie games above are not presented in a consistent way. I'm in the process of cleaning this up.

Edited by - Sludge on 05/05/2010 20:54:43
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